Solid Wood Flooring

​Solid wood flooring are planks cut from a block from the actual tree. These are cut into stripes with tongue and groove edges. These planks can either be finished within the factory or can be purchased as unfinished planks. The planks can vary in sizes, therefore giving a more natural finish. Majority of solid wood flooring planks are come from sustainable sources. Solid wood flooring does require a little degree of maintenance. Solid wood flooring lasts extremely long and is versatile. The planks can sanded and restrained, thus giving new lease of life to the floors.


LVT, Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

​LVT is available in a vinyl available either in a tile or plank. Like a vinyl it is extremely hardwearing and tremendously flexible. Thus can be installed within the home or within commercial premises. LVT usually have four layers. A layer of urethane wear layer which is resistant to scratches and scuffs. There is a proctective film layer, which protects against rips, tears and gouging. LVT has also a printed layer and structural vinyl backing that adds to the strength and durability of the vinyl tile. LVT can be installed in areas where there is water spillages, such as bathroom and kitchen. Usually LVT are glued to the flooring, which meant that the floors would need to be level and smooth. Hence, would need levelling. Now, recently 'clic' LVT are available. This is the same inter-locking system is that found in laminate flooring. Within our store, we have quality LVT on display. We ensure that the LVT on display is durable and competitive on price. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

​Engineered wood flooring is real timbre. It has been pressed into one or may layers and is available in many different thicknesses and finishing. The layers are pressed in different direction to provide more stability than actual solid wood flooring. The top layer is extremely visible on plank of engineered wood. Like Laminate flooring Engineered wood flooring is extremely easy to fit. Engineered wood is usually more cost effective than solid wood flooring, however it gives the solid wood feel. Engineered wood is available in various finishing, such as oiled, bevelled edges etc. Engineered wood flooring is ideal for all areas of the home.

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