Why Laminate Flooring?

All our laminates on display are easy to install. None of the Laminate flooring require glue, as all have the tongue and groove interlocking system. However, we do offer a professional fitting service, if required.

·       Laminate flooring is tremedously durable. Some of the laminates are scratch resistant. There are various laminates that are an imitation of solid/engineered wood. However, unlike wood, laminate flooring doesn't dent easily nor does it scratch easily. There is a proctective layer on laminate flooring, which enhance the durability within the home and in commercial areas.

·        Laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean. All is required is a vacuum cleaner, a broom and a damp mop. Spills can be easily cleaned with a damp mop, thus keeping the floors dirt free.

·       Laminate flooring as mentioned prior is a very good imitation of solid/engineered wood. It has become extremely difficult to distingush between them, since many are textured and have ​knots. 

·       At Nice & New Carpets & Flooring, we have a large selection of laminate flooring to suit any home and work. Including all the matching accessories.

At Nice & New we have a dedicated first floor to Laminate flooring. Therefore enabling our customers to find the right type of laminate. We have various brands such as Quick-step, Balterio, Sensa and many more.

At Nice & New we display various types Laminate flooring. These variations include: thickness, inter-locking systems, textured etc. All our laminates provide wear warranties, thus giving you the peace of mind.

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Laminate Flooring