Which Carpet Backing Is Ideal For What I Need?

Carpets can come in one of three backings; Felt-backed, Hessian/Jute, Woven and Gel/Waffle backing. 

Felt -back is now becoming extremley common within carpets. It acts as a replacement for underlay, therefore giving the customer an option whether to install/purchase underlay or lay the carpet with the backing straight on to the floor. Usually felt-backed carpets are made from polypropylene, however there are now some 80/20 wool twists which are now available in this types of backing. Ultimately felt-backing would be considered as the replacement of foam backed carpet. However, felt-backing carpets are more durable, since foam backing carpets disintegrated with time. 

Jute/Hessian backed carpet can only be fitted if there is underlay on the floor. Carpets with this type of backing are never installed directly to the floor. The hessian/Jute backing carpets are usually extremely durable and perhaps have the same long lasting as the felt backing carpet. However, as the carpet becomes thicker and denser (heavier) the backing almost always becomes Jute/Hessian backing.

Woven backing is only found within Wilton's and Axministers. The carpet is produced on a loom, similar to that of woven fabric. Woven backed carpets are not necessarily the best carpets within the flooring trade for homes, as there is various qualities. They are one of the most common and traditional flooring available. Wilton carpets are made from 100% polypropylene and axministers are made from 100% wool. Once again, like hessian/jute backing underlay is a necessity.

 There is also gel/waffle backing carpets. Waffle back carpets are usually available only in 2m width and specifically for bathrooms. Gel backing carpets are waterproof and rot proof, so ideal for all areas of the home


Gel Backing

Jute/Hessian Backing

Felt Backing          

Woven Backing

At Nice & New we have a huge selection of carpets to suit any area within the home. We have roll stock carpets, which are extremely competitively priced.

There various types of carpets such as Saxony, twist, loop/berber & wilton. Majority of carpets are made from polypropylene and/or wool. 

Polypropylene is a man made fibre, whereas wool is a natural material. Polypropylene is 'naturally' stain resistant and is usually bleach cleanable. Therefore the maintance of any carpet made with polypropylene is minimal. Usually carpets made from polypropylene will give lengthly stain and wear warranties. 

Wool carpets, come either as 100% wool or a wool mix, example 80% wool and 20% PP. Wool doesn't have the same extensive stain resistant properties as polypropylene carpets have, but they have extremely good insulation properties. As well as, excellent 'wear' properties. Usually wool mix carpets, tend to be more 'stable' than 100% wool carpet, thus the wear properties. However, for insulation and warm, 100% wool is better & tend to wear better. 

By and large there are vital elements within polypropylene and in wool carpets; which would suit any area of the home. Please click below to see the different brand we do.